How does coaching fit into the chronic pain system?

As a Professional Life Coach, my primary goal is to enable you to take an active role in your wellness, care and treatment regardless of the nature of your pain. It is necessary for you to become a leader in your own bespoke care plan, for if you don’t, who will? Coaching enables you to identify what it is that you want, then empowers you to start to set goals around this.

I aim to provide a system of coaching which will help you to learn the skills of pain management and provide the support that leads you to embrace managing your pain independently. Pain management coaching places the power and strength of healing in the client’s hands. However, many chronic pain sufferers become trapped in the ‘cure me’ mentality, I certainly was for many years.

Enabling a person to move forward from this passive mode requires focused attention and this is often more time than our medical and ancillary services can provide. While healthcare providers tend to be directive in their approach at times, the coaching approach is more empowering. This is sometimes described as ‘the missing link’ between pain management and moving forward. This ongoing support and motivation to facilitate change will improve the client’s long-term relationship with their pain.

While Consultants, Doctors and Therapists continue to manage medications, interventions, therapies and the mental roller coaster of chronic pain sufferers, Saol coaching supports and guides clients through a process of discovery, lifestyle adjustments, and goal setting strategies that educate, empower and gives each you accountability as you design your own bespoke pain management routine. You will become familiar with the benefits of tapping in to your own capabilities and strengths Coaching is all about travelling on the client’s journey with them from being a ‘helpless victim of pain,’ to ‘being their own pain manager.’

Clients who develop personal confidence in their ability to manage pain are well on the way to healthy and productive lives and a return to rewarding activities.

The familiar adage; “Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime,” demonstrates the difference between rescuing and coaching a client.

Eileen Hopkins